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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Post Election Blues

Even by the half-hearted and, frankly, often myopic corner of my part of Devon, there is a feeling of deflation following the election results. Where there was once a glimmer of hope that the Conservatives might produce a clear mandate for fiscal reform, decency and yes a steady hand on hunting, we are now faced with a second General Election, and humiliating, unworthy, backroom deals.

This will lead, straightforwardly, to an increasing distrust in the electoral political process. We have quickly sickened of the false family units and promises of each of the three main party leaders. None of us doubt that David Cameron did his best, but he was neither Conservative enough nor clear enough. We all work hard, and through the night. We are just not followed by film crews when we do it.

The disgraces of the Election are plain for all to see. The BBC should have its license revoked and made to compete in the free market. The Dimblebys in their entirety should be shipped abroad. Oddly, It was Andrew Neill in possibly his worst programme before the Election who said: "Can you vote for a leader who is also not a writer?" In this he was correct.

As for hunting, and its possible reform, for which so many worked so tirelessly during the Election, those involved should continue to regulate it as best they know how. Do not expect, or trust, a half-cocked coalition to serve either your interests or beliefs.

No self-respecting Conservative MP should do any deals with the Liberal Democrats. Force another election and win bravely or loose with dignity.

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